2012 Walking the Way

Barb’s reflections on 18 days with Will on the Way

I had a fabulous time with “Will on the Way.” I haven’t laughed that much in a really long time and it felt great! There were so many things that were special to me on this amazing adventure. I got to know Will really well and learned many things about him that I didn’t know. We discovered a special partnership with one another, on so many levels. It was really easy to live and travel with Will; we were able to create our own space during our daily walks, as well as have time for great conversations. We enjoyed yoga, our meals together, planning our daily adventures, practicing our French, and making the best of getting lost. We found many similarities with one another, including our deep love for the natural environment and being outdoors connecting heaven and earth; we liked the same kinds of food; and we loved rural France. But the crme de la crme was our discovery that our work is so complimentary and we want to partner in leading small groups for coaching and healing “on the way” in France. As a shaman Will reflects a person’s essence or true nature. He works energetically and brings back missing pieces lost during the drama of life, and helps clients to return to equilibrium, whole and complete. He reflects a person’s biggest self. As a coach, I support the client to further refine their dreams, their vision for their big life, their desired outcomes and their goals. I provide a safe and compassionate space for clients to move forward and create what once seemed impossible. As a partner to the client, I hold them fully capable of reaching their dreams. I provide structure, accountability and provocative questions. 

The thought of intertwining our skills, talents and interests in service to our clients is so inspiring. So while I was sad when I left “Will on the Way,” I know we will both be returning very soon to France to share the magic with others. In the meantime, I bask in the afterglow of living in the present moment, fully connected to my self, others and spirit. 

Blessings to you dear Will on your continued journey. 

Barb and Will Photos 

“The happy travelers.” 

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