Deep Journeying: Exploring Inner Realms


Deep Journeying: Exploring Inner Realms
    ?peering into inner windows of yourself 

Deep Journeying is a way to explore our vast inner reality. Through attuning to the sonic resonance of the Shaman’s Drum we will learn how to travel the inner psychic pathways to other worlds co-existing with our own. There we will have real-time interactions with the guides and teachers of those realities who can offer wisdom and awareness in this time of change.

This workshop is open to all interested, there is no pre-requisite for journeying. Those with prior experience will hone their journeying skills and further their Self-Knowledge, while those who are fresh to the Art will be welcomed and supported in learning to access their own greater reality. Together we will create a circle of trust and safety; a lovely space to explore our inner-verse with freedom and ease and will leave with a sense of well-being securely knowing we live in a benevolently mystical universe.

Will Whitesmith is a shaman and healer who has been a lifetime seeker of the bigger picture. Will has the ability to transmit his sense of the mythic to others in an experiential way. Sharing his knowledge and helping others discover broader realities gives him great satisfaction. Will also believes in having lots of fun.

“The funny thing about taking the workshop from Will was how entirely comfortable and welcomed I felt. He has a way of making everyone feel like they belong, no matter what level of experience. Though I have tried workshops from other shamans, I experienced a level of integrity in Will that allowed for trust and so I found myself able to open up and go much deeper into my journeying than ever before, which was very satisfying.”
~ Nienah Avelin, Washington State

Bring: Lunch, Blanket, Pillow, Eye Cover, Notebook/Journal