On the Way to Portugal

Day 11: Resting and Sightseeing Day

I luxuriously slept in this morning. I could feel the stress from my muscles and joints melting away as lay in bed happily knowing I needn’t get up to walk 30k today. Breakfast was a nice buffet spread remaining me of our first morning in Madrid at the Hotel Francisco so many universes ago. 

I came then back and napped some more before going out to explore this vibrant city. The hotel clerk had generously mapped out all must places to see and the weather was sunny yet cool. I like exploring old towns for I have an intuitive sense about finding my way around. I figure out the layout and then consult the map for specifics. 

I spent the rest of the day walking about the city seeing its churches and monuments as well as enjoying watching all the swarms of tourists that are here now. Unlike the pilgrims who had a common bond between them, these travelers are individuals from different world’s mingling together like gas molecules bumping against one another in a closed container, lively chaos. 

I had lunch down on the riverfront watching old converted port barges carrying hundreds sightseers on a brief rides up and down the harbor. Every one seemed happy and festive in the sunshine. 

The city is built on hills that run steeply down to the river so I got plenty of exercise. Amongst the sights I particularly liked were the blue tiled buildings that are famous here in Portugal, and the cloisters of the Se Cathedral. Another highlight was the 350 step climb up an 18th century bell tower that offered sweeping views over the city. 

I returned back to my hotel and took another long nap. I could tell my body was soaking up the rest like a sponge. I awoke near 9:30 and read for a while before deciding to go out to eat. It was now past 10 and yet the city was humming with life and activity. I decided to forgo the tourist area and went exploring the local parts of town. 

The cafes were filled and over flowing into the streets. I looked in a few restaurants before finding one that appealed to me. Though it still had customers, it was now close to 11 and wasn’t sure if they still be serving. Fortunately they were and I had the pleasure eating of one of the best meals of this trip. I then found my way back to the hotel remembering the route so I could go back tomorrow and do it all over again. 

Boa Noite Amigus!


Blue tiled church. Church Bells and scenes from cloister of Se Cathedral. 


Porto and Se Cathedral. Scenes of Porto from Cathedral. Me and my hero Henry the Navigator who was born in and from Porto. 


Old port barges. Porto Trolly. My hotel: The Internationa. 


Se Cathedral cloister. 


Riverfront scenes. 


Our old friend. Porto. Famous Port Cave. Porto from way above. 


Porto from the other side of the bridge. 

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