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Day 17: Rest Day on The Way Carrion de los Condes – 0 K

Today is our second rest day. This is Barb and I am guest blogger for today. I’d like to reflect on the changes I’ve seen in Will on this walk as compared to our first walk on The Way two years ago.

The changes I’ve seen are pretty dramatic. Two years ago, when we walked from Geneva to Le Puy, Will was like a young boy on a grand adventure. Many things were unfamiliar, and challenges were sometimes difficult to navigate. You can’t escape from the lessons of The Way, so Will, like all of us pilgrims, was faced with “his stuff.” He did his work and started growing up right before my very eyes. He had his ups and downs, and was able to observe himself and learn who he wanted to be going forward. I think one of my main roles on our trip together two years ago was to “hold the space” for him to have his experience, and be a witness and a mirror, not a rescuer!

Now fast forward to May 2014, where we are once again on The Way, half way along the Camino Frances, to our destination of Santiago. I am resting today because my right foot hurts, so I get to practice patience and trust. Will is gently caring for me.

Will has grown up on this trip. He is relaxed and open. Learning from last time, he prepared for this trip, and made sure he had the right boots and pack, two key essentials. He has an ease about him, and his joy and curiosity are infectious. In some ways our roles are reversed on this trip. I am having more challenges and Will is holding space for me to notice, release and navigate through, by gently supporting and reflecting what he sees. He is gracing me with his healing hands and heart.

It seems to me that Will has grown up on this trip. He is a grown man, fully occupying himself, taking responsibility for all that is. At the same time I am growing younger, letting go of being so responsible, becoming more spontaneous, playful and trusting. We are both moving in the ‘right’ direction!

Our friendship brings out the best in us. I can’t imagine anyone more perfect with whom to travel the amazing Camino. We see each other and we know what’s possible for one another. You can’t hide out on The Way and we can’t hide from each other. Yes, Will has grown up into a beautiful man and watching him walk The Way with grace, ease and confidence is both joyful and inspirational.

Thank you, dearest fellow pilgrim and friend.

Lilies at Altar. Prayers to St. James.

Barb does “goddess” with Mary. Will does yoga with Mary.

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