2014 Walking the Way

Day 20: Mother’s Day and Half Way on the Way Day Triadillos – Sahagun 13 K

Back on line again after a one day hiatus from blogging due to technical difficulties. However, the entries will be shorter for awhile.

Yesterday we left our cozy shelter at Carrion de los Condes for a 27K hike to Terridilos. Today we went to Sahagun the geographic half way point of the Camino. We had a shorter walk today and had a lovely afternoon of rest and sightseeing in this ancient town. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a great meal and tomorrow have another 30K day so to bed early.

Hasta Manana Amigos!

Barb and Will at the geographic center of the Camino passing through the portal. Grain silo.

Our beautiful home in Sahagun. Village on Maseta. Church in Sahagun.

Albergue Terridillos de los Templarios. Knight of the Templar. Sleepy village siesta time. Sign showing this next 12K of Camino was specially built for it.

Stork on arch.

Don’t quit before the miracle-the sign says. Store’s nest. Barb looking refreshed.

Lilly at rest. Mother’s day poppies.

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