On the Way to Portugal

Day 4: Happy on the Way Day Pontevedra to Mos 34K

Woke up at 6:30, my usual time. Was gone by 7:15. The town was quiet, the street sweepers were the only ones about cleaning up the weekend’s leavings. Winding my way through the suburbs took a while and by 8:00 I was on the city’s edge where I stopped for coffee and a very good croissant. Lilly would have appreciated it. 

The rest of the morning was pleasant with a number of hills making the walking more challenging than yesterday. However, I like an occasional hill to climb as it breaks the monotony of level treks and gives a good cardio workout. The way markers were not nearly as clear as yesterday but with the exception of a few misses, quickly caught, I found my way fine. 

I met a number of pilgrims going the other direction (as I will every day I’m sure) and again spoke with a few. One couple told me that they’d been on the Camino for a week and hadn’t met another person going south. I may be the only one right now. I was hoping I’d meet one or two people going to Porto or beyond but as yet not so. 

However, I’m enjoying my alone time and my thoughts as well as the beauty of Galacia. I’m very happy to have gotten to spend 5 more days (after tomorrow) in Galacia in good weather. It’s a lovely province though very different from the other parts I passed through earlier with Lil. This section is also more attractive than the last segment to Santiago. Much fewer pilgrims and more in its natural element. 

I finished the proscribed hike in the guide book (about 21K) by 1:30 and didn’t want to stop in that town nor that early. Instead I walked another 3.5 hours (13k) hoping to find a place to stay at an Albergue in Mos. Though I usually avoid hostels, as I prefer my own space to sleeping in a dorm, I didn’t want to walk another 6K to the next town and was willing to risk the snoring. However, as is often the case by late afternoon it was full when I looked in. Instead of accepting my fate and walking on, however, my intuition told me to ask anyway because something else would turn up. Sure enough the proprietor of the cafe, who ran the Albergue, confirmed that while the dorm was full there was an individual room available at the home next to the cafe for 15 Euros if I was interested! Yeah, the magic of the Way helps once again! 

After my routine I had dinner at the caf?. Now I’m happily ensconced in my own private room with a bathroom next door. A long walk today and I’m looking forward to a long sleep and to feeling rejuvenated tomorrow. It always amazes me how the body will revive with a good night’s rest. 

Tomorrow I will be in Portugal! I graduated from high school in Lisbon 40 years ago this month and then went to make my way in the world from there. Kind of cool to reflect back on all that has transpired since. I wonder too how this wonderful country has changed since then. 

We’ll time for bed. Hasta Luego Amigos!


Beautious Path. 


Granite Mountains. Mattress Spring gate to your dreams. Vigo River. 


Town and Country. Gateway to Happiness. Me bridging realities. 


Lunch Break. Pilgrim’s shadow. Santa Marta and friend. 


Amazing Eucalyptus. Bread Delivery-beep, beep. Welcome Water. Will at Santiago Market. 

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