2014 Walking the Way

Last Entry:

Well friends we made it to Santiago, we are happy, we are safe and sound and joyful to have completed our goal of reaching here. So with that I am now completing this blog and thank you for your interest and support of Lil and Will on the Way. It has been a wonderful adventure and spiritual journey for which we are deeply grateful to St. James and Mary and all the corporal and non-corporal entities that have helped make this journey a success. On Friday, May 30 Lilly will return to Madrid and fly back to the US on May 31. I shall continue the journey on the Portuguese Camino and see how far my feet and Spirit take me. I will not be continuing the blog (three more letters went out on the keyboard today) but will pick it up again on Will and Lil’s next adventure. 

Gracias y Adios Amigos!


Penultimate residence. Who’s that masked stranger? Our Santiago digs. 


Two cool cats on the Way- the symbol of Being fir Will and Lil. Two shamans on the Way. 


Two Knights Templar. William and James. Lily at rest. 


Our last lodgings-a monk’s cell. The bones of St. James. Will and Lil almost there2. 


Will and Lil have arrived. Touching the feet of the Master. 

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