“I always feel confident recommending Will’s readings, healing sessions and workshops, and the feedback is filled with gratitude and appreciation for such soulful connections. I have certainly deepened my understanding of self and soul in my own sessions with Will. It is extraordinary to be seen and heard at the soul level – a rare experience for many. Will offers a wealth of personal and transpersonal information specific to each person. He provides a compassionate presence and creates a safe, sacred sanctuary, which nurtures and uplifts in body, mind, and spirit. I so appreciate Will’s natural, flowing style of relating and teaching in language that is easily understood and integrated. There is a felt sense that with Will it all comes from the heart, so it speaks to the heart and is gently, lovingly assimilated. A multi-dimensional and truly gifted man and a gem to experience.”
~Morgan McBride, Sacred Arts For Healing & Creative Living, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“Will Whitesmith is indeed a heartsmith. I have the privilege of hosting Will in The Raven Room, on our property in the Olympia area. Both my husband and I have experienced his beautiful healings on a number of occasions and are eternally grateful. I always feel renewed and recharged with what feels like all the debris cleared around my heart. I feel the sweetness at my core again and more my ‘true’ self. My husband Joe says, ‘Will sees me in a way no one has ever seen me that is so life affirming.’ Besides Will’s gifts and talents as a healer, he is wise, kind, compassionate, loving, open, playful and totally present, bringing even more excellence to the healing experience. I have had the opportunity to ask many people who have come to see Will if they had a good experience and the answer is always a resounding YES, often far exceeding their expectations!”
~Pamela Favro, The Raven Room, Dancing Cedars, Johnson Point, Olympia, Washington

“I have worked with Will Whitesmith over the past four years, having guided readings and healing sessions. Each of my times with Will have been like hitting a reset button – back to my core – clearing the way to my highest self. The experiences re-vitalize me and always confirm my deepest knowledge of myself. It is a great gift to have Will’s support in my life.”
~Jenny Heishman, Seattle, Washington

“The Shamanic Workshop with Will Whitesmith was a perfect way to further my study of journeying and communication with my Guides. I have had only limited experience with these sorts of things and yet Will’s approach was easy to follow and I was able to have some fun and absolutely fascinating experiences. When the workshop was over, I left with a feeling of empowerment (because I had made contact with some helpers) and optimism. I don’t know how he manages to teach a subject that seems so illusive…but he does, and he does it beautifully.”
~Saffronia Baldwin, Interior Designer, Bainbridge Island

“The first time I came in for a session with Will Whitesmith, I was nervous and shy. He had such an easy loving presence about him with words that opened my heart. I started laughing so hard, I couldnt stop and we both laughed it seemed for hours ~ but really it was just enough to feel like he was my long lost brother who I could trust with my life. Through working with Will over these last few years, I have connected with lost parts of myself which has opened me up to so much and ultimately feeling free to love myself. Thank you Will ~~ I love you ~~”
~Dhyana Moyer, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“As a healer myself, I am in awe of William Whitesmith’s healing gifts. William is a person who follows his heart, who is in the flow of Life itself, and who has the ability to guide others to follow their own hearts and be their best selves. He has the “eagle eyes” of a true seer, and a laser-sharp mind to focus and communicate what he sees, through a beautiful heart of deep compassion. He shares these unique gifts most effectively, supporting transformation and opening into more of the fullness of life for those of us fortunate to work with him, and he is a major blessing in my life and the lives of many others whom I know.”
~Marsha Milburn Madigan, MD, transformational teacher, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“I have seen Will for readings for the last 5 years. I can honestly say that he has changed my life. He has opened doors for me that I didn’t know existed. His Spirit is so gentle and kind and his eyes are Ancient eyes. He has always given me the information that opened me to new possibilities and new ways of looking at a situation. I recently had a Soul Retrieval done by Will and I had felt so disconnected from my spirit for a few months. Will released a lot of negative energy from me and I can say that in two days I felt Spiritually whole again. I feel like the puzzle pieces are all in place. I am eternally grateful to Will for the journey that I am on in my life and how he has helped me open my Spirit to the Universe.”
~Nancy Johnson, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“Over the last twenty years I have witnessed Will transform his life to one of service to his inner calling by trusting guidance and working on himself continuously to improve his own life and the lives of those he touches. Will knows how to connect others to their own unique self and to the world of helping spirits. He is truly a gifted healer in the holistic sense of the word. One is healed when one is whole and this gifted shaman coaches others to wholeness. I have personally benefitted by his energy treatments, readings, shamanic soul retrievals and extractions. I am honored to call him a friend.”
~Kerry Rutherford, Intuitive Arts Practitioner, Kirkland, Washington

“I think most of us long to recapture the magic in life we experienced as children. If you’re like me, maybe you are looking for answers but somehow often experience more frustration than success. Will Whitesmith has presented me with a new magical perspective for my adult life, and he has helped me see how my dreams can be made practical moment by moment. Will has helped me learn how to recognize the good things that already exist inside of me, and how to grow these radiant pieces into a collective manifestation around me. All in all, I feel that I am becoming free to experience the deepest yearnings of my heart! Will, thanks again! the blessings are here to grow!”
~David Grim, Indiana

“I have worked with Will Whitesmith in business counseling, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, energy work and physical healing. Our work together has had permanent, positive results and I believe he and his gifts have lifted me to a higher potential. Will is a great blessing to my personal life, my circle of family, friends and the Fort Wayne community. His services are an ongoing part of my life as guide, friend and healer.”
~Deb Nice, Indiana